Know how to take maximum advantage of your timeshare while you’re stuck with it

Congratulations! You are now a proud timeshare owner. We know that timeshare costs a lot of money and you should, therefore, get your money’s worth. A lot of people complain about the cost of owning timeshares.

Oddly though, the noise seems to be more online than in real life. Whenever I am on a holiday, I don’t hear any complaints from my fellow timeshare owners. I guess the complainers are those who do not know how to maximize their timeshare. Here you will find tips that can help you get the most value out of your timeshare.

  1. Go to the secondary market when buying timeshares – There are owners who bought their timeshare without knowing enough about it. They end up selling their units on the secondary market. The value of timeshares does not appreciate; in fact, it goes down upon selling. Timeshares in the secondary market are being sold at a bargain so it is the best place to get one.
  2. Buy a unit that has low maintenance fees – The most common complaint about timeshare is the high cost of maintenance fees. You pay this annually and the amount can go up by as much as 12% per annum. A high maintenance fee doesn’t mean your unit is better or that you’d get a nicer vacation. It only means you shell out more money than you should.
  3. Trade your unit for maximum value – If you are to use your own unit each year, you will grow tired of it sooner than later, plus it’s not the best use of your unit. Staying in your own unit means you’d only get one-week vacation per year. The best thing to do is to trade your unit and be an expert in looking for bargain trades. You can easily get up to 8 weeks of vacation from your single unit. These extra weeks do not require additional purchase price or extra maintenance fee. The more weeks you get off your single unit, the lower the cost becomes.
  4. Get a lockout unit that has a high trading value – When you buy a two-bedroom unit, trade it as 2 one-bedroom units. Doing this cuts your cost in half because you buy one unit but trade it for two. The location doesn’t matter, just make sure the unit has a high trading value.
  5. Early deposit of unit – You can trade your unit for a different timeshare that is available one year prior to two years after the week of your lock-in unit. If you wait to deposit close to your schedule, the value of your trade will go down.
  6. Advance planning – Timeshare owners deposit and pick their vacation weeks out of the pool. The farther ahead you do this, the more options you will get. When your vacation date approaches, the choices become fewer. There may be last-minute trades, but the selection is still limited compared to planning way ahead. Planning ahead may also allow you to get airline deals.
  7. Look for points bargains – A lot of units go on sale for a variety of reasons. There are units that are available for trade for as low as 3 points per week. If your single unit is worth 35 points, you can make as much as 11 trades if you pick 3-point units. That’s 11 weeks of vacation per year.
  8. Be flexible in picking dates and location – If you want to go to a beach in a tropical country you will not find many options, if at all. However, if you are open to going there on a lean season, you easily can. You cannot control what goes into the trading pool, but there is always a good place to visit if you’re not too picky. It’s not because you haven’t heard of a particular resort that it’s automatically a bad one. If there are timeshares in that area, it’s safe to assume that people go there for vacation. Be open to new adventures.
  9. Take your relatives and friends – If your timeshare can accommodate additional people at no additional cost, you might as well bring your relatives and friends. Not only can vacationing be more fun, but you can also split other expenses with them, like food and entertainment.
  10. When you get to your destination, skip the sales pitch – Chances are, you will be asked to listen to another timeshare presentation when you get to your destination. Again, you will be offered a freebie and free meal. Decline politely since the reason you’re there is to go on vacation.

Use these tips and you will surely enjoy using your timeshare. You’d get your money’s worth as you keep on enjoying nice vacation accommodations.

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