Exit Timeshare

Do You want to Exit Your Timeshare Now?

If for whatever reason – say, escalating fees, lifestyle changes, or loss of interest - you are looking to swap, sell, or exit your timeshare, you will find information below on how to do so, safely. By reading through this article, you can be confident you are in the right direction and are not going to be defrauded, like many other people who have fallen victims to timeshare exit scams.

Yes, unfortunately, some promises are too good to be true and that sweet deal turns into a big headache with the snap of a finger.

When considering an option involving a company or agent, make sure you check, double check, and even triple check their reputation, so you do not end up on the wrong side of the track, waving goodbye to your hard-earned money.

These scams have been extensively portrayed on the media, and one does not have to look far to come across all different sorts of timeshare exit scams that can set people back considerable sums.

So start here and equip yourself with reliable information for a hassle-free future.

Swapping or renting your timeshare

This is a flexible solution to help you offset your service fees. In this scenario you could either rent your timeshare to others, or “swap” holidays with a timeshare fellow who has a suitable alternative for your holiday plans.

If renting your timeshare to others is the go, you are able to do so on your own or through an agency, which will then help you to advertise your accommodation, manage the guests and take care of the transactions for you.

When doing it on your own, be mindful of the following:

1) If you are allowed rent out the property for which you own the right of use;

2) If your price is in accordance to similar options in the market;

3) If you have secured your accommodation for the period you want to rent it out, and are aware of cancellation fees;

4) If you need to produce a rental agreement to back you in case of any liabilities caused by the renter(s);

5) Make sure to define a suitable and secure payment method – like PayPal, for example;

6) Find a good platform to list your accommodation and advertise it.

Selling your timeshare

In essence, the process of selling your timeshare is similar to that of selling an asset for which you no longer have use. It is not easy, in other words. And there are many reasons for why this is the case.

To begin with, at any time, there may be several timeshares up for sale in the market, to a point where it almost makes them a commodity. There is a great chance, then, that you could end up selling your timeshare for a lower price than expected – or maybe not being able to sell it at all.

Remember also that developers whose main business is selling timeshares invest heavily in marketing and advertising, meaning that it will be easier for potential buyers to come across their listing instead of yours.

In this case, you will have to roll up your sleeves and find effective, creative ways to market your timeshare. Have you thought, for example, about advertising your timeshare in the very same area where it is located? Some people look to buy timeshares in their own hometowns so they can use the recreation facilities free of charge – all they do is pay the maintenance fee. Others even use it to accommodate out-of-town friends and family.

Finally, as with anything else that needs selling, the market and what is on offer there will determine how much you can get for your timeshare. Thorough research is recommended so you are well aware of what a fair, reasonable price is, when taking into account factors such as the location and conditions of your timeshare.

In this way, you will increase your chances of achieving a desirable outcome, whilst making sure you are not being duped into getting less money than you should for your timeshare.

Alternatively, you could go and use a resale company, in which case it is highly recommended, once more, for you to do a reputation-check.

Bear in mind at all times that a resale company should walk you through the whole sales process and let you know of all the details involved in it. So make sure to ask for clarifications if something does not seem to be clear enough.

Exiting your timeshare

For the best steps on how you sell your timeshare, you can approach your timeshare company. Some companies offer a buyback option, this is the fastest route and a lot faster than trying to sell your timeshare on your own or through a resale company.

Some timeshare companies offer alternative programs that enable you to trade in your timeshare into a more flexible membership program, which provides you with the flexibility to use your membership to book travel from a large selection of resorts, hotels, timeshare, flights, cruises, travel packages, car hire and much more.

These programs enable you to holiday at different locations each year (removing the need for  paying expensive maintenance fees for weeks that you no longer use).