About Us

Hundreds of thousands of people own a timeshare in Australia, and millions worldwide. But not every timeshare owner is happy.

Many actually find their timeshares no longer suitable and decide to sell or exit their contracts.

However, when there are many intricate legal factors that come into play depending on the type of contract one holds, exiting a timeshare is easier said than done .

In addition, dishonest market agents take advantage of timeshare owners who are seeking financial relief from their unwanted contracts, finding ways to deceive and scam uninformed timeshare owners.

That's why we are here. To help you reach an informed, and safe, decision about what to do if you no longer are reaping the benefits of your timeshare.

We provide reliable, expert advice based on our extensive knowledge of the market so you can equip yourself with crucial knowledge and know exactly what to do before committing to the next step.

We want to make sure you get to where you need to get, with the best possible outcome for the decision you have taken.Read through our blog and drop us a message if we can help in clarifying things further – one Timeshare Advice at a time.