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How to exchange your timeshare

Every once in a while, sometimes abruptly, even, we feel like a bit of change could do us some good. It is in our nature to seek new perspectives and tread different ways for the sake of discovery. Not knowing where you´ll end up is thrilling (most times, anyway). That´s where all the fun comes from: the possibilities and the surprises along the way.

When it comes to exchanging your timeshare, it is partially the same!

A new destination can bring a reinvigorating breeze to your holidays, sprinkling it with the excitement of novelty. You leave your beachfront resort for a cabin in the mountains; replace your thongs for boots, and your speedos for baggy pants. And just like that, the possibilities have been completely revamped.

But let´s stop here and regroup. Before this can happen, planning is required, and understanding the ways in which you can exchange your timeshare will determine whether your holidays will turn out to be as exciting and refreshing as they can.

Verify the possibilities

The first step to using your timeshare towards a new holiday destination is to verify the week and resort in which you own it – considering that the exchange value will vary from week to week, and from resort to resort. As with most holiday destinations, the better resorts at peak travel season will have a higher exchange value. Creativity and flexibility at this stage will help expand the range of options.

Next, check if your home resort is a part of an internal exchange program. These programs are usually the most economical ways of exchanging your timeshare and will give you options that are consistent with the quality you are used to having in your timeshare resort.

Pick an exchange company

If more options are what you are looking for, then have a look at RCI, one of the largest timeshare vacation exchange networks in the world. There will be an added cost associated to using their services, as membership is required to access their booking system. It might be a worthwhile investment, however, as their affiliated resorts span across 110 countries.

There are other exchange operators to choose from as well, such as Dial An Exchange (DAE), which will not charge you a membership fee. Their cost derives from the exchange operation itself, meaning you only pay their due when your exchange has been confirmed. And it is not a problem if you are already member of a different exchange company, for you can still use DAE´s services.

Make a choice

Now we are getting to the exciting part of the journey, where the thrill of novelty kicks right back in!

Once the possibilities of what you can do with your timeshare have been verified, and you have either opted for an internal exchange program or an external exchange operator, you can really start to ponder whether to pack your speedos or baggy pants.

In this case, it is better to start by choosing the destination and then going through the list of resorts you can afford, based on the exchange value of the week you own. At this stage, if you opted to use the services of an exchange operator, you will “bank” your week, meaning you are providing the operator the use of your week in exchange for using the week you requested from them. But start early, like twelve months in advance; at least, to ensure you get to choose what you want to choose. Especially if you are going for the popular destinations, which people love to exchange into. Because if you have pictured yourself in speedos, you are definitely not going to want to wear pants!